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Sitka, Alaska offers so much. The unique location of our town, nestled neatly between the pacific coast mountain range and the Alexander Archipelago, is home to parts of the Tongass National Forest, a vibrant temperate rain-forest, and offers a variety of unique wildlife, spectacular scenery, and a deep Russian and Tlingit history.

The average visitor just doesn’t have the time to see all Sitka has to offer.  Our experienced and personable drivers can help you choose an itinerary that fits your interests. Whether you’re looking to experience our Russian or Tlingit History, or you interested in bears, eagles or Totems; maybe you want to trek through the temperate rain forest or capture vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. Maybe you want to see a little bit of everything. We can take you there.


Our private tours are great for up to 5 guests, in our comfy, clean, non-smoking minivans.

Simple flat rate for entire group.

Please note: Guests are responsible for any and all entrance fees.



We specialize in customizing tours.

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We offer regularly scheduled tours though our partner company 

Private Taxi Tours

Here are just a few of Sitka's sights & Local Links:

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